Open terrain etiquette

Code of Conduct for mountain bikers

In an environment with people, animals and nature, there is always a high potential for conflict. Many of the approved mountain bike routes will take you through Alpine pastures and along forest paths, where there is always a possibility that you will come across animals in summer. Therefore, if you see signs prohibiting access as well as other warning signs, please make sure you adhere to them. Hikers and bikers should have respect for each other, as well as consideration for animals and nature, we would ask you to observe the following rules.

  • Please consider nature and wildlife!
  • Ride only on the official MTB routes. Respect signs indicating road closure and do not drive across country!
  • Ride with consideration for others and with foresight. Make sure you let others know your intention to overtake in advance, as not to frighten other riders. A friendly greeting often works wonders!
  • Take care not to leave tracks. Be careful how you use your brakes and avoid using trails after rainfall!
  • Always put rubbish in your rucksack to dispose of later, don’t just simply throw away whilst riding!
  • Always be prepared for the unexpectable. Make sure you adjust your speed and choice of trail to your own level of fitness and ability. Ride with foresight, other bikers and hikers can turn up at any time!
  • In order to have a great day with everlasting memories, the following points are essential:
  • Always ride with a helmet!
  • Check your equipment before you start off!
  • Inform yourself about the weather and surroundings!
  • Don’t overestimate your ability!
  • Don’t forget tools, first-aid kit and mobile telephone!
  • In many regions, mountain biking is only permitted during the day in the summer months. That being, two hours after sunrise and one hour before the sun going down. If you intend to make a tour by yourself, please inform a relative, friend or host about the details of tour and estimated time you will return!

Important Emergency Numbers

Mountain Emergency: 140

Euro Emergency: 112


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