„Plenty of time to grow up and become an adult,

but later!“

Hits for Kids

Welcome to children’s paradise!

Not so far away from Viehhofen, you will find a true paradise for children, with plenty of attractions providing an unforgettable holiday experience for the whole family.

  • Archery at the Glemmerhof

  • Montelino’s wild animal feeding

  • Montelino’s adventure path

  • Montelino’s Peak Playground

Archery at the Glemmerhof

The archery course in Viehhofen is a real highlight of the region. There is enough on offer to fill half the day, if not the whole day. Great fun and action out in the fresh air, an ideal excursion for the whole family.   You can shoot 28 life like built animals with a bow and arrow.  Equipment rental available.
Open every day throughout the year. Info: +43 6542 685 76, www.glemmerhof.at

Montelino’s wild animal feeding

Our little Montelino has discovered his passion for wild animals, and surprises all children with a feeding session where they can experience the wild animal feeding. Here you can also see deer close up. To add to the fun, there are many activity stations for the giant deer to climb inside! Tip: Deer feeding takes place daily between 10:00 am and 11:00 am at the deer observing area above the Panorama Alm!

Montelino’s adventure path

Between top- and middle station of the Kohlmais cable car this attraction is waiting for you! It‘s all about the little clown Montelino who lost his smile because he neglected his friends and toys until they disappeared. Now it‘s your turn to bring the smile back to Montelino. Take a box and try to find all his friends and toys again. Follow the wise owl - it will help you! Enjoy a new adventure and help Montelino to smile again. (length: 3km, duration: approx 1,5h for buggies suitable)
NEW: Montelino´s water playground.

Montelino’s Peak Playground

The children’s playground at the top of Zwölferkogel mountain makes all children hearts beat faster. Enjoy the panoramic views over Saalbach Hinterglemm while your children explore the playground and test their climbing skills. Whoever conquers the climbing equipment will be awarded with fantastic views from up above.

  • Treasure hunt „Expedition Kodok“

  • Mount Kodok

  • Schnitza’s wood park

  • Devil´s water

Treasure hunt „Expedition Kodok“

Search for the magic crystals. New trail with 8 playing stations. Take the magic power from the gremlin with the help of a treasure card or a GPS.

Mount Kodok

Follow the mystical clues on the track from the goblin on the Reiterkogel. Once upon a time a goblin, called Kodok, had stolen the magic cap from our clown. Until today, nobody had managed to get the clown cap back. It is said, that the goblin hid the cap at a secret place. Now you have the chance, to bring back the luck to the mountain Kodok. To solve the riddle, you have to find the correct code of signs and record it in your adventure pass. Follow the mystical hints on Mount Kodok, find the goblin´s tracks and unravel the mysteries, which you´ll see. Dare to go through the dark canyon and the speaking-tree will tell you the secret.

Schnitza’s wood park

Next to the well known devil‘s water a different kind of theme park was built: „Schnitza‘s wood park“ is entered through a wood maze and contains numerous playing facilities. Every Tuesday in July & August full entertainment for children, magic shows with the clown Montelino.

Devil´s water

The magic world of the devil‘s water at the end of the valley is a big theme park with many offers for playing and wellness concerning the element water.

  • Slackline Parcours

  • Motor Skills Path Saalbach

  • Glemmy Quad and Kart Rides

  • Fairytale forest

Slackline Parcours

Originally used mostly for climbers, more and more hobby athletes and experts have discovered the joys of slacklining. A sport which requires a mix of balance, concentration and coordination. Slackline Parcours at the middle station of the Zwölferkogel lift offers training courses for beginners and advanced with all levels of difficulty. Children can also increase their balance and fitness while playing and having fun.

Motor Skills Path Saalbach

The motor skills path is extended along the Saalbach promenade between Jausern and Saalbach. It offers 24 attractive stations to improve agility, balance and fitness.  The use of the motor skills path is free, the path is accessible from spring to the start of winter in late autumn.

Glemmy Quad and Kart Rides

The partly designed, partly natural trail is great fun for beginners and experienced off-road specialists. The course includes hill climbs and bends, ascents and descents, testing the driver’s skills to the limit.
Info: +43 664 89 54 855 www.glemmy.at

Fairytale forest

At the fairytale forest in Hinterglemm you‘ll meet all your favourite fairytale characters. All figures are made of wood and painted by hand. The entrance to the fairytale forest can be found directly next to the indoor tennis, about 400 metres after the tunnel in Hinterglemm, on the left hand side. It‘s open 24/7 and completely free of charge. Also check out the nearby skatepark!


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