Ski touring tips

Ohne Gondel die Berge erkunden

For beginners and those who prefer to take a more leisurely approach, the Viehhofener Geierkogel is not too steep and even those with relatively little training are able to reach the summit. Moreover, the avalanche risk is relatively low due to the terrain.

For experienced ski touring enthusiasts, there are some very attractive tours at the end of the Glemm valley, with mountains such as the Schusterkogel, the Hohe Penhab or the Staffkogel. For beginners and also when there is a high avalanche risk, there are also ski trails. The Viehhofen piste is open until 21:00 for ski tourers! Please note that in the majority of ski resorts, pistes are closed throughout the night (from 17:00) and this is a regulation which must be strictly adhered to.

ATTENTION: Make sure you check the current snow and avalanche reports as well as checking local information. Please be sure to take note of our Rules and Regulations for ski tourers.


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