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Gondola of the Schmitten | © Schmittenhöhebahn AG | Max Steinbauer
Wandernik Wandernik Wandernik
Wandernik Wandernik Wandernik

Viehhofen cup Your personal sip of holiday

With Viehhofen Summer Card: 

Get your personal "Viehhofen" Cup for € 12,00 instead of
€ 14,00 in the Tourist Service Centre.


Tourismusverband Viehhofen
Dorfplatz 104
5752 Viehhofen

T +43 6542 685 59
E info@viehhofen.at
W www.viehhofen.at

Take a piece of your holiday home with you and enjoy your good morning coffee in your personal Viehhofen cup. A piece of happiness within your own four walls.