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The idyllic mountain village of Viehhofen is located in the middle of the large ski areas. | © viehhofen.at
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Wandernik Wandernik Wandernik Wandernik

Ski Depot

Experience unforgettable skiing days in Viehhofen. With the practical ski depots, you no longer have to worry about your equipment. You can drop off and pick up your gear directly at the lift station, at the famous Viehhofen slope No. 168. This way, you’ll be on the slopes in no time and enjoy the magnificent panorama. After skiing, you can explore charming Viehhofen or enjoy après-ski without having to carry your equipment. Your skis, snowboards, shoes, helmets, and gloves will be stored safely, dryly, and heated in the ski depots.

Returning to your accommodation is also child’s play. Whether you take the free ski bus or your car, you don’t have to load and unload your equipment, so you have more space in your vehicle. This is also good for the environment.

You can book the various ski depots online in part. This way, you can make your ski vacation in Viehhofen an unforgettable experience from the comfort of your own home.

Wandernik Wandernik Wandernik Wandernik

You should never store skis and ski boots in the trunk of your car overnight. They will become stiff, dry poorly, and you will have to put on ice-cold shoes in the morning.