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Mountain panorama in summer | © viehhofen.at
Wandernik Wandernik Wandernik
Wandernik Wandernik Wandernik

Ball run roll'n rolling

Let yourself and your family be whisked away to a place full of fun. At the ball run stations, right next to the popular XXL game "Fox & Hen", a labyrinth of racetracks awaits you and will make children's eyes light up. Skill, patience and a touch of competitive spirit are required here.

Watch as the wooden balls make their way through winding paths, jump over obstacles and whirl through spirals. Each station is a little masterpiece and invites you to experience the laws of gravity and movement playfully.

Our racing station is particularly exciting: here your children can get their balls rolling in a friendly competition and cheer to see which one reaches the finish line first. Cheers and encouraging shouts create an atmosphere full of vitality and community spirit.

The ball tracks are already waiting to be explored by little ball masters and big strategists - come along and experience a day full of fun and excitement!