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Mountain panorama in summer | © viehhofen.at

„Let's go on adventures“

Wandernik Wandernik Wandernik Wandernik

„Let's go on adventures“

Wandernik Wandernik Wandernik Wandernik

D1 Reiterkogel in Hinterglemm

Opening hours 2024

May 24/05/ –  13/10/2024
9:00 am- 4:30 pm

Prices 2024

Adults: €23.00
Young people: €17.50
Children: €11.50


Reiterkogelweg 215
5754 Hinterglemm

T +43 6541 6321-500
E hinterglemm@lift.at
W www.saalbach.com


You can cover the approximately 7 km long route from Viehhofen to Hinterglemm on foot. You can enjoy the beautiful landscape and the fresh mountain air. The hiking trail takes you along the Saalach, through meadows and forests, and always offers you great views of the surrounding mountains. If you're looking for a challenge, you can also take the motor skills route, which offers you various exercises for your balance, coordination and dexterity. The motor skills trail begins in Saalbach Jausern and ends at the SchattbergX-press.

If you prefer to cycle, you can also follow the Saalachtal cycle path, which runs parallel to the hiking trail. You can bring your own bike or rent one from one of the many rental stations. The cycle path is suitable for all ages and fitness levels and offers you a pleasant ride through nature. Here too you have the opportunity to use the motor skills path.

Of course you can also drive from Viehhofen to Hinterglemm. The journey only takes about 10 minutes and takes you along the L111, which takes you directly to the Reiterkogel valley station. There you can park your car in the underground car park, which is located under the Hotel Alpine Palace. The underground car park offers you a safe and weather-protected parking space for your vehicle. Please note that the underground car park is subject to charges.

Another way to get from Viehhofen to Hinterglemm is by bus. You can take line 680, which runs regularly between Viehhofen and Hinterglemm. The bus journey takes around 15 minutes and offers you a relaxed and stress-free journey. If you stay overnight in selected establishments in Viehhofen, you will receive the Viehhofen Sommercard, which allows you to use public transport for free. You just need to show your card to the driver when boarding. The closest stop to the Reiterkogel valley station is the Hinterglemm Elmauweg stop, which is only a few minutes away from the valley station.

Mountain Kodok An exciting search for the stolen hat on the Reiterkogel

Are you looking for an experience that will delight your children and show them the beauty of the mountains? Then Mount Kodok in Hinterglemm is just right for you! Mount Kodok is an adventure trail that takes you into the magical fantasy world of the goblin Kodok. Kodok is a cheeky little goblin who has developed into a powerful wizard over the years. He is considered the guardian of the mountain and is revered by the locals as the protector and guardian of the mountain. With his magical powers, the lovable goblin tries to keep harm and harm away from the mountain world.

But Kodok has a problem: a cunning troll has stolen his magic utensils. Now Kodok needs the help of brave trackers! Are you ready to take on this challenge?

The adventure trail begins at the mountain station of the Reiterkogelbahn, which you can use free of charge with your valid cable car ticket. There you will also receive your adventure pass, which allows you entry into the fantasy world. The path takes you through meadows and forests, over bridges and footbridges, and always offers you great views of the surrounding mountains. Numerous game stations await you along the way that will challenge your imagination, creativity, skill and logic. You'll have to solve tricky puzzles, find hidden clues, play interactive games and complete exciting challenges to get back Kodok's magic supplies. This is the only way you can defeat the sneaky troll and give Kodok his power back.

The adventure trail is suitable for children and families of all ages and takes approximately two hours. It leads past the Rosswaldhütte, where you can fortify yourself with a delicious snack and enjoy the wonderful view.

Mount Kodok is a unique experience that you and your children will not soon forget. Experience the fascination of the mountains and the magic of the goblin Kodok.

Kodok's marble runs

At Kodok's marble runs on the Reiterkogel, you and your little ones can let the funny wooden balls roll through various tracks and enjoy nature at the same time. Kodok's marble runs are part of Kodok's gaming world, an adventure paradise for families at the beautifully located Rosswald reservoir. You can purchase the wooden balls from the ball machine for €2 each and take them home with you as a souvenir. They are fun for the whole family that you and your children will remember for a long time.

Kodok's gaming world

A fantastic world full of fun, games and adventure awaits you here.

The gaming world is located at the beautifully located Rosswald reservoir, which invites you to refresh yourself with its cool water. There you and your children can discover the adventure game letters, a slide tower, a water playground, a motor skills track and a giant Archimedes screw. Whether climbing, sliding, balancing or splashing - there is something for everyone here!