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Ibex Wooden Statue in the woods | © Der Fotoigel

„The power of archery“

Wandernik Wandernik Wandernik Wandernik

„The power of archery“

Wandernik Wandernik Wandernik Wandernik

ARchery course Glemmerhof „Stalking“ in the forest

Just on the outskirts of Viehhofen, at the Gasthof Glemmerhof, you will find one of the most attractive archery courses in the Salzburger Land. This lovely circular course has been constructed in a shady forest, where life-like animals are your targets. Great fun and adventure for the whole family awaits you!

Archery is a fascinating sport which balances both body and spirit. Once out in the fresh air and the woodlands, the stresses of everyday life are soon forgotten. The tranquillity and natural surroundings enable you to focus on the targets and experience inner peace.

As the archery course is in the forest and there are numerous narrow hiking trails, sturdy footwear such as hiking boots are recommended. Good footwear also ensures a safe stand. The path is well signposted and easy to find, but please allow plenty of time! For all 28 stations, a group of four would need approx. 3-4 hours.

A pleasant surprise: At the halfway station, you will find an area with cool drinks and snacks.

In summer: 50% discount on the use of the course including rental with the Viehhofen Summer Card.
In winter: 10% discount on course usage incl. rental.


08:30 am - 05:00 pm 

22/06 - 29/06/2024 only with advance booking


Let Richard or Bernd show you the correct shooting position. The perfect shot can only be achieved with the correct positioning of the feet and the equally important posture of the arm. But don't worry, the two professionals will train you conscientiously. And who knows... maybe Ingrid Ronacher, the world champion in 3D archery, will stop by for a moment.

Registration and Information:

Show your accuracy at the archery course Glemmerhof:

Gasthof Camping Glemmerhof
Glemmerstraße 52
5752 Viehhofen

T: +43 6542 68576