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Mountain panorama in summer | © viehhofen.at

„Let's help Schmidolin“

Wandernik Wandernik Wandernik Wandernik

„Let's help Schmidolin“

Wandernik Wandernik Wandernik Wandernik

 Schmittenhöhe in Zell am See

Prices 2024:

Summit Charger-Ticket
One-off ascent and descent (trassXpress or Schmittenhöhebahn)
Adult - € 41,00
Child (2009 - 2018) - € 20,50

One-off ascent and descent (areitXpress, cityXpress or Sonnenalmbahn)
Adult - € 30,00
Child (2009 - 2018) - € 15,00


Schmittenhöhebahn AG
Salzachtal-Bundesstraße 7
Postfach 8
5700 Zell am See

T +43 (0) 6542 789  211
E schmitten@schmitten.at
W www.schmitten.at


If you start from Viehhofen, you have various options to reach the Schmittenhöhe. One of these is to follow the cycle path to Zell am See and take one of the mountain railways there. You can choose between the Schmittenhöhebahn, the trassXpress or the areitXpress. The journey by bike and train takes around 45 minutes in total.

Another option is to take the hiking trail that takes you directly to the Schmittenhöhe. The hike is moderately difficult and takes about 3 hours. You will be rewarded with a breathtaking view.

If you prefer to drive, you can follow the L111 and the B311 to Zell am See and park your car at one of the valley stations of the Schmittenhöhebahn. The journey by car takes about 15 minutes.

You can also take public bus 680, which takes you from Viehhofen to Zell am See. There you change to one of the buses 660, 670, 672 or 673, which will take you to one of the valley stations of the Schmittenhöhebahn. The bus journey takes about 30 minutes.

The fastest and most comfortable option is to take the new zellamseeXpress 10-seater gondola, which takes you directly from Viehhofen to the Schmittenhöhe. The gondola ride only takes about 10 minutes.

If you have the Viehhofen Sommercard, you can use the Schmitten cable cars and the bus free of charge. You can enjoy unlimited and free ascent with the Viehhofener Sommercard.


Schmidolin’s Baptism of Fire

Schmidolin, the friendly dragon, awaits you there and invites you to a special adventure: Schmidolin's baptism of fire.

Schmidolin's Baptism of Fire is an interactive circular hiking trail with many play and climbing stations. The aim of the hike is to collect as many flints as possible at the stations so that Schmidolin can learn to breathe fire. Because Schmidolin is still a young dragon who has yet to discover his abilities. With your help he can do it!

The hike begins at the Areitbahn I mountain station. There you will receive an adventure pass in which you can document the flints you have collected. You will also find directions and a map to show you the way. The hiking trail is about 3 km long and takes about 1.5 hours. It is suitable for children aged 4 and over and can also be accessed with a stroller.

Exciting stations await you along the way, where you have to solve puzzles, demonstrate your skills and pass tests of courage. For example, you can climb the fire wall, balance in the lake of fire, find the right path in the fire maze or brave the wind in the firestorm. At each station there is a flint to grab, which you can stick in your adventure pass. The more flints you collect, the more it will help Schmidolin learn to breathe fire.

At the end of the hike you will come to AreitAlm, where you can fortify yourself with a delicious snack. You can also hand in your adventure pass there and receive a great surprise. You can also meet Schmidolin there in person and congratulate him if he has managed to learn to breathe fire. If not, you can try again next time.

Schmidolin's baptism of fire is an experience for the whole family that combines fun, exercise and experiencing nature. It's a great way to explore the Schmittenhöhe and get to know Schmidolin. The entrance fee is included in the cable car tickets.

The adventure trail can be reached via:

  •      Ascent with the areitXpress
  •      Ascent with the cityXpress and subsequent hike along Route 56

Schmidolin’s Dragon Fire Climbing, crawling, swinging, sliding

Schmidolins Drachenfeuer is an exciting and varied playground on the Schmittenhöhe. Here you can spend an unforgettable day in nature with your children and support the little dragon Schmidolin in his baptism of fire. Schmidolin's Dragon Fire is part of Schmidolin's Adventure World, an interactive circular hiking trail with many play and climbing stations. The aim of the hike is to collect as many flints as possible at the stations so that Schmidolin can learn to breathe fire. The hiking trail starts at the Areitbahn I mountain station and is included in the cable car ticket.

The Schmidolins Drachenfeuer playground is located directly on the adventure hiking trail and offers lots of fun and action for young and old. The 10 meter high play tower is the heart of the playground and invites you to climb, balance, swing and slide. From the viewing platform you have a wonderful view of the surrounding mountains and can see the dragon's cave. The Dragon's Cave is a mysterious place where Schmidolin hid his flints. If you are brave enough, you can venture into the cave and look for the flints. But be careful: it could get hot! Because Schmidolin diligently practices fire breathing and causes a few surprises. In addition to the play tower and the dragon's cave, there are other attractions in the playground, such as the fire castle, the nest swing, the net tunnel and the telescope. Here the children can let off steam to their heart's content while the adults relax on the comfortable seating or have a picnic.

Schmidolins Drachenfeuer is an ideal destination for families looking for an eventful and nature-filled holiday in the mountains. The playground is not only a paradise for children, but also a place where the whole family can have fun together and enjoy nature. Schmidolin's Dragon Fire is a playground for dragon lovers and those who want to become one.

Schmidolin’s Rocket Bike for little e-motocross fans

An experience for adrenaline junkies

Do you love riding your motorcycle over hill and dale, making jumps and overcoming obstacles? Then the motorcross course on the Schmittenhöhe is just right for you. The course is located at an altitude of 1,500 meters and offers you breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains. It is suitable for both beginners and advanced users and has different levels of difficulty and route lengths. You can choose between a short lap of 2.5 kilometers or a long lap of 5 kilometers. Numerous challenges await you on the course, such as steep curves, jumps, seesaws, bridges and much more. You can also try a time trial and compare your best time with other drivers.

The motorcross course on the Schmittenhöhe is not only fun for you, but also for your family and friends. You can ride the course together or cheer each other on. There is also a cozy hut where you can strengthen and relax after the trip. The hut offers regional specialties such as Kaiserschmarrn, Kasnocken or schnitzel. You can also relax on the sun terrace and enjoy the beautiful nature.

The motorcross course on the Schmittenhöhe is a real insider tip for all motorcross fans. It offers you an exciting and varied ride in a fantastic setting. Experience for yourself how much fun and thrill the motorcross course on the Schmittenhöhe gives you.

Prices 2024:

Kids Trial Package: € 22,00
Teens Trial Package: € 25,00
Adult E-Motocross Package: € 52,00


The Offroad Park Parcoure is located on the Schmittenhöhe, one of the most popular excursion destinations in the Zell am See-Kaprun region.

The Offroad Park Parcoure is one of the newest attractions on the Schmittenhöhe. It is suitable for all four-wheel drive vehicles that have a minimum ground clearance of 20 centimeters. You can rent one on site. Prices vary depending on vehicle type and length of use.

The course consists of several stations that have different levels of difficulty. You are free to decide which stations you would like to try out or complete the entire course. The stations include, among others:

  •      A diagonal drive in which you have to balance your vehicle on an inclined plane
  •      A seesaw where you have to control your vehicle using a moving ramp
  •      A water crossing where you have to steer your vehicle through a shallow stream
  •      An incline that requires you to drive your vehicle up a steep slope
  •      A bridge where you have to drive your vehicle over a narrow wooden structure
  •      A mud passage where you have to maneuver your vehicle through a muddy surface

At each station there is an experienced instructor who will give you tips and instructions on how best to overcome the obstacles

The off-road park course is fun for everyone who likes to try something new and test their limits. It is suitable for both beginners and advanced riders who want to improve their riding technique.

Prices 2024:

20 minutes: € 11,00

Mystical forest

The mystical forest - a fabulous hiking experience

Do you love nature and the stories it tells? Then the mystical forest is just right for you. On this themed hiking trail you can immerse yourself in the world of Pinzgau legends with all your senses and discover exciting stations that stimulate your imagination.

The mystical forest is a 1.2 kilometer long path that leads from the Sonnkogelbahn mountain station to the Schmiedhofalm. It is suitable for the whole family and, in addition to a wonderful view of the surrounding mountains, also offers a lot of variety and entertainment. At eight creative stations you will learn more about the legendary characters who have left their mark in the Pinzgau mountains. For example, you can listen to the thousand voices of nature, get to know the wild women, meet the white deer or listen to the wild music of the forest spirits. At each station there are rhymes and information boards that bring you closer to the stories and provide interesting facts about nature.

At the end of the path, a special highlight awaits you: the “Weißer Hirsch” adventure playground at the Schmiedhofalm. There your children can let off steam on huge deer antlers, which invite them to climb, slide and hide. They can also play with marmots and deer in a play cave under the antlers. The Schmiedhofalm is also an ideal place for a cozy stop and refreshment after the hike.

The mystical forest is a perfect complement to the diverse summer offerings on the Schmittenhöhe, which have something for every taste. If you are curious, then visit the mystical forest on the Schmittenhöhe and let yourself be enchanted by the magic of legends and nature.


Here you can expect not only fantastic hiking trails with wonderful views of the surrounding mountains and Lake Zell, but also exciting works of art that will make you wonder and think.

The Schmittenhöhe is the first art and culture mountain in Austria. Artist symposiums have been held here annually since 2014, where international artists create oversized sculptures made of wood, metal, stone or other materials. These works of art are distributed along the hiking trails and invite you to discover and linger.

One of the most beautiful hiking trails is the 4 Lakes art hike, which leads from the summit of the Schmittenhöhe via three reservoirs to Lake Zell. The ascent is easy with the modern gondola of the Schmittenhöhebahn. Along the way you can admire the works of art that fit harmoniously into the landscape or form an exciting contrast to it. For example, the installation “Dear Forest Visitor,” which consists of a huge wooden chair and a mailbox, or the sculpture “The Scream,” which is reminiscent of the famous painting by Edvard Munch.

If you fancy a shorter hike, you can also try the Sissi circular route or the herbal hiking trail. The Sissi circular route is a leisurely walk that begins and ends at the Elisabeth Chapel. The chapel was built in 1897 in honor of Empress Elisabeth, who enjoyed hiking on the Schmittenhöhe. The path takes you through an idyllic forest and offers you beautiful views of Lake Zell and the city of Zell am See.

The herb hiking trail is an educational path that introduces you to the diversity of the alpine flora. You start at the middle station of the Schmittenhöhebahn and follow the sign “Kräuterwanderweg”. Along the way you will find information boards that explain the names and effects of the different herbs.

4 lakes art hiking trail

Sissi circular route

Herbal hiking trail